Want to be sure your house can safely weather the next big storm? Then you may want to invest in some quality gutters to prevent any damage or flooding from occuring.

The Need

Cost For Gutters

Gutters typically run around the eaves of your home and serve an important role in collecting rainwater and ice redirecting them away from your home. This helps prevent these items from causing damage to your roof, siding, foundation and yard.

Over time, however, harsh weather conditions and age can take a toll on your gutters and wear them down. In addition, your gutters can also be damaged by things like falling debris, further lessening their life span.

Regardless of the reason, though, when your gutters are no longer performing up to par, they’ll need to be replaced or else you may run the risk of experiencing damage to your home. In fact, improperly working gutters can result in an array of problems, including flooded basements, cracked foundations and rotted siding, doors and windowframes. Depending on the slope of your property, they can also protect the yard from becoming flooded or causing the soil to deteriorate around the exterior of your home.

A Range Of Options

When you decide to replace your gutters, the process may be more than you bargained for. This is because a wide variety of gutter types exist. You’ll need to decide what type you want, what size and thickness, and even how you want them to be installed. The style home you have, the look you want to achieve and also the configuration you prefer will also weigh into the equation, too. In addition, how much you have to spend on this endeavor can help guide your decision, since there is a wide range of price points to consider.


When shopping for gutters, the first consideration is usually what material you prefer them in. Some of the most common options you csn find today include:

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Copper

When weeding through these choices, you’ll need to consider what will look best with your home’s exterior. For instance, aluminum and steel are the most commonly-used gutter styles today. Both are relatively affordable and durable and both are unlikely to rust, too. They come in a wide variety of colors so you can select something that will coordinate well with your paint color.

If you have a high-end or historic home, though, you’ll likely prefer some of the more upscale gutter materials, such as wood or copper, that will be more in keeping with the look and feel of your home.

Wood gutters are a classic choice and these were also popular until the 1960s when the steel gutters first came into vogue. Whole they look great and are a perfect fit for some homes, they also have a few downsides to them. First, they cost more than the metal options and second, they also take more work to keep them up. For instance, they need to be painted and oiled on a regular basis.

Copper gutters are another high-end option. These can cost even more than wood, which prices them out of many people’s budget. However, they also give a very dramatic effect and are very low-maintance, which makes them an appealing option for some homeowners. Copper also becomes more beautiful over time as its natural patina ages and takes on rich green tones that make an elegant statement.

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