In today’s challenging real estate market, every detail matters when it comes to trying to sell your home. That’s why hiring a home stager, also known as an Accredited Staging Professional or ASPs, can be a strategic way to position your home to make it stand out from the competition. This can often speed up the sale and help you get the best price.

Playing Dress Up

Cost For A Professional Home Stager

If you are a female going to a wedding or other special event, you might go to great lengths to have your hair, clothing and makeup all perfected to help you look your very best. The same premise should hold when you list your house for sale. This is a special occasion that warrants lots of grooming and tweaking to get the most pleasing effect. Of course for your personal image, you may rely on the help of a hair stylist, tailor and makeup artist to help you hone your presentation. For your home, you can hire similar help in the form of a professional stager. This is a decorator who specializes in showing off your home in its very best light so that potential buyers will be able to picture themselves living there.

Get The Most Buck For Your Bang

In on optimum real estate market, there are unlimited examples of homes that have undergone staging and as a result, have sold sooner – and for a higher price – than their less polished counterparts. In the slower market that exists today, you may not be able to capture a higher price with staging, but the fact is that you can still position your home to attract a seller in the most efficient way. In addition, staging your home is a great way to avoid having to lower your price over time. That’s why many realtors strongly urge their clients to invest in the services of a home stager right up front. In most cases, everyone benefits from this decision in the long run.

The Scope Of The Work

Home staging can be anything from decluttering your rooms and closets to make them look more spacious to adding more modern furniture and decorating to bring an outdated home’s look forward a few decades. In addition, people who have already moved out of their homes often used stagers to make the vacant place look warm and inviting with rented furniture and accessories. No matter how much, or how little, help you need, the overall goal of staging is to make your home look its best and to make it possible for people to picture the setting with their own personal items moved in. Staging can also include painting, new cabinet fronts, landscaping and just overall grooming inside and out.

Money Talks

Cost For A Professional Home Stager

Recent U.S. Housing and Urban Development statistics illustrate the importance of investing in your home’s image in this way. HUD estimates that a home that has been appropriately staged can sell for about 17 percent more than a home that has not undergone such efforts. In addition, the 2007 Home Gain Survey, which included results from more than 2,000 realtors, found that a home that was staged sold in less than half the time as its counterparts. (The findings were that it took 13.9 days on the market for a staged home to sell, while an unstaged home could be listed for 30.9 days before selling.) Just keep in mind that since this survey was conducted, the real market has experienced great declines and houses are taking much longer to sell overall, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t reach this goal even with the help of a professional image setter.

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